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About Us

Lively Machine Co. has been providing high-quality machining & fabrication services since 1952. LMC has been successfully serving industries such as plastics, hydraulics, gas & oil, electrical, automotive, marine, underground & surface mining, recycling, etc. for 60+ years. Lively Machine Co. employs skilled machinists, CNC operators, and fabricators with in-depth experience and training in traditional manual and CNC equipment. They are skilled craftsmen with the ability to program, set up and manufacture complex machined products.

Our machinists are trained in every aspect of the inspection processes needed to assure the accuracy and quality of every part produced. Every step of our production process is monitored and documented, from material purchasing to products shipped to our customers, so that quality is first and foremost.

When you have a deadline, and your parts must be correct, Lively Machine Co. is your “go-to” machining & fabrication facility.

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